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Brief History

    A. Nannette and Milton were appointed by the Foreign Mission Board as music missionaries to Taiwan  Republic of China

    B. After 24 years of serving there, we transferred to Colombia, S.A., first spending one year in Costa Rica studying Spanish.

    C. Following language study, we moved to Cali, Colombia, to serve at the Communicaciones Bautistas, the Baptist Communication Center.

    D. Later, we moved to Bogota, to start a new work in Ciudad Salitre.

    E. In 1999, God called us back to Asia, and we spent the next four years as Strategy Coordinators  for the city of Shanghai, China.

    F. After several years, we moved to Hong Kong, in order to facilitate our team's efforts in Shanghai.

    G. In 2003, we returned to the US, living in Little Rock, Arkansas. We retired the following year.

    H. Finally, in 2007, we moved to Arlington, Texas, our current city of residence.